About Fidelity SkyTalk Communications

Our Mission

At Fidelity SkyTalk, we aim for a simple mission whereby we promise to: explain the benefits in English, and make buying easy; only offer “Best of Breed,” time-tested, ultra-reliable products; have the fastest lease process in the world; provide field support that absolutely humbles our competition, and offer small businesses big business pricing.

Why Choose Fidelity SkyTalk?

Here are 10 reasons to choose us as your communications provider:

  1. We have 400+ service locations throughout U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico so we can assist with installation, upgrade and service your account easily and locally.
  2. Our service prices are the lowest in the country. We routinely beat our competition on sales and installations by 10-15% on “Mission Critical” phone systems.
  3. We have over 900 trained, dedicated and responsive service technicians available, specializing in small to medium sized organizations-you are our specialty.
  4. We specialize in small system services and installations.
  5. We have a broad range of voice (telephone), data (computer) and cabling expertise.
  6. We have 24-hour-a-day service, 364 days per year (not Christmas)-you can reach us Friday at 5:01 p.m. or even the weekend.
  7. We have 33,000 customers and installs-we can handle anything you throw at us.
  8. We specialize in “Mission Critical” (every call’s an order) phone systems. We are maniacal about service response and quality systems.
  9. We have 47 minute average service response time over the last 10 years.
  10. We have a great “in-house” leasing program that saves you time and hassle.